The 7-Legged Table

One of Yoga's most ancient texts, the Taittiriya Upanishad, offers us the "Maha Yagna Model," yagna meaning "that which makes us feel full." And we're not talking about lunch, here! The yagnas are the seven great aspects of our life that are meant to be balanced and sustained to contribute to our own joy (and, thus, the joy of others).

I like to think of the yagna model like a table with seven legs, hence the title. If one leg is bearing too much weight, that's a problem. If a leg isn't bearing enough weight, that's a problem, too. And if you are missing some legs altogether – well, then, we really have some problems!

In this fun, fresh workshop, we will learn about these seven different legs and how to make real, concrete changes in our life to balance these aspects, resulting in our feeling more supported, stable and full of joy. No experience is necessary, and please bring a journal.