Yoga for Healing Workshop

What does it mean to heal, and how can Yoga help? First, it's important to realize that all health issues - whether they are an actual illness or an injury - have a mental-emotional component. That is to say that dis-ease (including that ankle you sprained when you were pushing a little to hard) is an outward manifestation of an inner imbalance.

With this in mind, it is a good idea to stay tuned to our inner as well as our outer realities and find ways to nurture our entire beings - body, mind, and spirit.

One of the best ways to keep our inner and outer selves in balance is through the practice of Yoga. In this three-hour workshop, you will learn and practice some simple yoga tools for relaxation and restoration. These include:

Mudras - poweful, energetic hand gestures
Mantras - positive affirmations
Pranayama - breath work
Chakra meditation - clear and balance the body's seven energy centers
Restorative poses - positions that relax and allow the body to restore iself

The workshop is conducted in a safe, nurturing enviorment and is appropriate for all abilities and ages. All techniques will be explained in simple, layman's terms, making it easy to understand and apply what you've learned to your daily life.

Whether you have a chronic phyisical condition, or would simply like to spen time with and re-energize your inner being, this workshop is ideal for you.