Introduction to Yoga

Whether you are new to Yoga, would like a review of the basics, or are looking to deepen your understanding and practice - this is the workshop for you!

In this 3 1/2 hour workshop, we will explor the many facets of Yoga, including:
-The definition and history of Yoga
-Yoga styles and lineages - which is right for you
-The benefits of Yoga practice
-Common ailments Yoga can help alleviate
-Breathing techniques
-Basic Yoga postures
-Yoga jargon
-Yoga etiquette

This workshop is open to absolutely everyone and is designed to not only increase the flexibility of your body and mind, but leave you feeling relaxed and confident as well. Special emphasis is placed on honoring the body's limitations and practicing safely.

You will leave the workshop with the tools you need to continue your Yoga practice at home or in any classroom setting.